january, 2021 - now.

human resources manager. focus: hr projects. boston consulting group, munich / germany.


december, 2018 - december, 2020.

human resources manager. focus: career development & hr projects. boston consulting group, munich / germany.

- with a team of 4.


responsible for attracting, motivating and retaining the most qualified talent by directing the functions of the hr department. career devolpment + hr projectwork.


january, 2017 - now.

personal coaching. munich / germany.


personal coaching is the heart of my business - life is a learning journey.


april, 2011 - december, 2018.
staffing manager. the boston consulting group, munich / germany.

- with a team of 7.

global management consulting firm and the world's leading advisor on business strategy.
we help clients to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses with the best of our consultant team.

april, 2014 - december, 2018.

responsible für the "project and people side" in G&A with a team of 6 core members and one project team. pilot as "dedicated staffer".

may, 2011 - march, 2014.

responsible for the "people side" in G&A with a team of 2 core members.
8 offices in G&A: munich. berlin. hamburg. vienna. frankfurt. stuttgart. düsseldorf, cologne.
creating a new online tool "profiles & more" to support the internal staffing process.

january, 2006 - april, 2011.                 

head of research and development / co-trainer / coach. schranner negotiation institute, zurich / switzerland.


we help clients when negotiations get tough.

research and development, negotiation conference, certification program, negotiation coaching, 360° feedback, MBTI, eLearning, negotiation news.

moderation + workshop: n-conference in zurich, university st.gallen.


march, 2005 - december, 2005.  

bmw group, purchasing, munich.  

member of the purchasing department.                     

supplier management, process optimization, building a new intranet presence.

october, 2003 - march, 2005.                           

bmw group, trainingscenter, munich. 

member of the trainings department.

professional sales training for BMW / MINI, MINI eLearning platform, trainings evaluation.



university of applied sciences, zittau / görlitz.

communication psychology, degree: bachelor of arts, thesis: fear when performing.

counselling (crisis communication, coaching) , aesthetics of communication, diagnostics.

multimedia communication (software usability, elearning), organizational psychology.

practical training (one year): mental instiution, gerontology.


member of.

netkomm e.V. - network communication psychology.



chili-strategy (prof. jens weidner), games theory (prof. achim wambach), personality-test: mbti (stöger & partner),                

the art of persuasion (prof. dr. dieter frey), selfmarketing (caroline kruell),

leadership training (uta drögemöller), change management (sabrina streubel), project management (martin stellmacher), successful leadership (olaf torner), multi-project management (detlev ponnwitz).



audio book "sales drive" in cooperation with university st. gallen / switzerland,

theme: the fear of losing - motivation and indications in negotiations.




the road to resilience. concept + guidance.

psychological resilience is defined as an individual’s ability to properly adapt to stress.
creating a road to resilience - how do people deal with difficulties in their live?

profiles & more. conceptual + online design.

creating a new tool "profiles&more" to support the internal staffing process for G&A.
- going live - october 9, 2012 - phase 2 in 2014, "SAM" - global rollout in 2018.

audio book "sales drive". speaker.
audio book "sales drive" in cooperation with university st. gallen / switzerland.
theme: the fear of losing - motivation and indications in negotiations.

personality / negotiation coaching. negotiation profiling.

negotiation skills can be learned, practiced and improved. negotiating is an essential life skill.

the background.
in a negotiation, preparation, strategy and tactic are very important, but in the end it is your personality that counts. it is very important that you know your own strengths and weaknesses and what areas you need to work on. these psychological aspects in a negotiation are very important for achieving your goal.

the process.
negotiation coaching is a special individual coaching session based on a real negotiation situation.
its designed to identify your personal negotiation style and to enhance and empower your negotiation techniques adjusted to your needs.

the focus.
negotiation coaching focuses on enhancing the natural negotiation capabilities that you already have. it gives you
 that extra boost in a simple way and prepares you to use alternative methods in a negotiation. you learn proven strategies and get individual tips.
will help alleviate the fear of negotiation and will take the complication and mystery out of the negotiating process.


negotiation conference, zurich. conceptual design, planning, moderation + workshop.

the participants at the conference are executives, directors, and managers in international companies and corporate groups who would like to obtain new perspectives and practical tips from experts of negotiation.

theme 2007, "negotiation under pressure"
theme 2008, "the power in a negotiation – when the opposition has more power"
theme 2009, "deadlock - the start or the end of negotiations?”
theme 2010, "success or failure - the end of win win"

program: certified negotiator. conceptual design, planning, doing.

the demand for this certificate came from the customers. they requested a system which made negotiating comprehendible and measurable. the framework is a modular system which offers you the necessary flexibility to continue in full time employment while training to become a professional negotiator.

negotiation research. online design.

to create an online library of varous chosen articles from negotiation experts. the aim is to benefit from others negotiator`s experienc and to explore new ways of negotiating.

exposé. writer.

theme: when david, goliath meet, its for a reason. 

elearning. online design.

elearning means the opportunity to learn individually using digital media both prior to and as a follow-up to your negotiation training. it contains materials to support and recap the areas which were covered in your workshop, together with online tools that will help you.

staffing. project 4.0.



career development. 2.0.



director planning & analysis, business finance.

"... I would like to emphasise my respect for your work again, in a very short time you identified the relevant "personality traits" as a foundation for self reflection and "improvement."

director, technology sector.

"...Ms Bergmann's insightful coaching was very authentic. She conveyed her knowledge using sound psychology but without the usual condescending manner and technical jargon often used by psychologists. Useful tips were given for improving one's skills and expertise."

founder and managing partner, M&A business.

"Yesterday you taught me important things."

supply chain management, technology sector.

"I would like to thank you again for the super coaching. It was a really great experience. Your suggestions were and are very helpful, and when they are applied the success is immediately recognisable. Thank you."

bank / loan advisor.

"Both of our participants were impressed with your coaching. It was practically relevant, but still based on sound theoretical psychology. You gave many useful tips and tricks for a successful negotiation - especially for our often very difficult negotiation topics."

strategy / consulting, management consulting, transport sector.

"I would like to thank you for your constructive feedback. For me the "profiling" was a very important module of the seminar which I would not have wanted to miss."

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